The boys shared room tour…

Ive had a few people ask me to see the boys room since Cal was born and it was just a nursery but I’ve never actually done it. Now that there are two of them and they are sharing a room… I finally did it. haha. I did a quick little clean up this morning and snapped  a couple quick pics. We designed it when Calvin was just a mini bean in my tummy. This was actually our room in the house before I was pregnant and then we decided to switch to the front bedroom in our house… (We live in a 100 year old very small 2 bed 1 bath in East Sacramento) Justin tore into the walls because he is handy like that, ripped all the old lath and plaster down and put up new dry wall. I knew I wanted to have a gallery wall  and that was it. We also had no idea what the sex of the baby was until he was born so… we stuck with gender neutral everything. Although, I don’t think this room would have looked any different even if we knew we were having a girl. I’m not the biggest fan of the cliche pink everything for girls. Anyhow, it turned out a bit eclectic I think.

It has taken on a few changes over the years. Of course now the boys share this room, so we have a small Ikea bed for Cal and Archer is in Calvins old crib from . The drapes are probably my favorite part of their room. When I was pregnant with Cal, I saw this fabric as a wallpaper in a nursery online and I had to have it! I searched the internet like I was looking for my missing dog! I couldn’t find it for a very long time and I started loosing hope. Then I finally figured out why I wasn’t able to find it.  It was only available in Switzerland! Of course with all my prego hormones, I had to have it… so I  basically bought  about 2 yards of a matching fabric, because this pattern on anything, of course,  ended up being extremely expensive! I think it would have been like 500$ to wallpaper 1 wall… so the fabric had to do. However, just the fabric was still about half the cost! For two yards!? Don’t tell my husband… lol. Every pregnant women has one of these purchases when they are planning their first babies nursery I think….Right?  This was mine. Haha. I sewed it into a drape and as detailed as I am about many things, I am sort of lazy about a lot of others… and as you can see there is still a string hanging off the drape line that I have never cut off. Lol

Ok enough about the drapes…. The art wall came together in my head. I never put up any templates or anything like that… I would see inspiration and then try to make something similar in a size I thought would fit well. Our awesome neighbor gave us the Avett Brothers poster and it fit right in! The maps were off Etsy. I can’t remember the name of the shop but I will try to plug it here once I remember. We painted the Doctor Seuss quote after seeing a similar version online, I had to have it. We took some things we love and represented them on the wall. The camera, me… Beatles quotes, Justin…. I love the way the art wall came together and its probably my second favorite part of their room.

We used to only have 1 dresser. Once Archie came a long his clothes were not fitting with Cals that great in one dresser.  Magically I found the second one on the side of the road near my parents house on trash pick up day and I took it so fast! It was perfect. It almost looked like they were meant to be together. I couldn’t believe it was there just being thrown away right when I was in need of more clothing space! What a great find.

The mobile… oh the mobile… lol. I searched for the perfect stick for a very long time. It was probably just as hard to find as that darn fabric. I sewed these cute little felt birds. My friends helped me since I have the patience of a 4 year old with crafts. I love them, just have no patience to get them done. We hung it with hooks and fishing line. I think it looks pretty magical. It has lights on it too, however those burlap and wire sections are where the battery packs are and they are a pain to take out so the batteries are currently dead. Haha. Again, here is a place my laziness kicks in…

There is a chalk board wall right behind Calvin’s bed that really doesn’t belong now that his bed is against that wall. I didn’t want to change it until I knew what type of big boy beds they will  have someday… so for now it just stays. I felt like it would have been a great little desk space if it was a single kids room… but not going to work out that way for a while anyhow. Over all I am still in love with most of the elements in this room. I love the eclectic feel. Those drapes give off a special warm glow when the light comes through the one window. I love photographing the kids from outside of their bedroom door facing the window. Its makes for some very pretty black and white pics and probably one of my favorite spots in the house to shoot. 🙂

Thanks for taking the tour. I’m so happy I was able to finally share their room with those of you who have been interested in seeing it!
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