Family, kids and newborn lifestyle sessions

What is a lifestyle session?

Lifestyle sessions are a fun and intimate way to capture the unique bond of YOUR family. I love doing lifestyle sessions in your home, but we can head outdoors a bit as well. I aim to capture your family interacting, cuddling, playing and just being who you are as a family. We design the shoot around what your family likes to do together… so you can remember the real life moments. A typical lifestyle session would go something like this: I show up to your home while you are still getting ready for your shoot and photograph some details and some fun moments I see during that time. We can then do some relaxed shots around the house… soon moving into a possible event we planned for you during booking. Cooking together, picnicking in the backyard, playing out front, snuggling with the new baby, letting the kids play dress up and letting me follow them around to capture them being them! Whatever YOUR family does together, is what I want to document.  This is your time to have a few laughs and heartfelt moments while I create memories for your family. Just try to forget that I am there and let me document the memories you want to hold onto. I also like to get a few of those portrait shots for the Granparents… so do not feel like you will miss out on having a couple looking at the camera, but those are not the focus here, and I do aim to get more of a “looking in” point of view most of the time. I always think about what I would love to see of my childhood now that I am grown and I would give anything to look back at my mom making lunch in the kitchen while she was pregnant with me, my brother playing on the floor with his favorite toy, and my dad outside working on his cars. Thats the scene I have created in my own head because there are no pictures of a our real life happening like this. Portraiture has a place, but the real memories are in the everyday. With lifestyle sessions, I aim to give you that perfect mix of photography all in one session.

Lifestyle sessions are 2-3 hours at your home and /or a location we’ve chosen to go for your “event”. You will receive a online gallery with a digital download of all of your edited images for a flat fee.

Prints and enlargements are extra and you will be given a info booklet for ordering


1 hour portrait session

What is a 1 hour portrait session?

This is a great idea for when you just need a few updated images of the family or your kiddos. I aim to get those “Holiday card” type shots of your whole family and I will add my own twist of cuddles and interaction but this shoot is geared more towards getting the frame worthy shots for those grandparents, or if that is just more your families style.

1 hour outdoor portrait sessions are outdoors in a location of your choice (I can help and have lists of many great options) You will receive a online gallery with a digital download of at 40 + edited images for a flat fee. 

Prints and enlargements are extra and you will be given a info booklet for ordering 


Basic wedding packages starting @ $3300

Wedding Coverage

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life… I love capturing that for you. I aim to document your day and give you a set of edited images that tell the story of YOUR wedding. I do not have a set number of images I give, or wedding packages you need to stay within… because each wedding is different. We work together and find a package that works for YOU and YOUR wedding. I tend to give you somewhere between 600- 1000 final images which have all been edited for basic adjustments and some of the best have been edited with creative edits as well. I love giving a storytelling set of prints because those are the ones you will look back on and frame. All your other memories can be downloaded from the online gallery by digital download and kept for many generations. This download will include all edited images from your day.

Here is an idea of what a few basic packages would look like, but please inquire within for more information on your specific wedding. 

BASIC package pricing ideas

$3,300 - 8 Hours of wedding day coverage, 600+ edited image files

$3,900 - 8 Hours of wedding day coverage, 600+ edited image files, second photographer on wedding day

$4,300 - Engagement session, 50+ edited image files from engagment session, 8 Hours of wedding day coverage, 600 + edited image files, second photographer on wedding day 

Add or subtract $350 per hour to add or subtract hours of coverage. 

Engagement sessions are $400 and include 50+ edited images within that flat fee.

Second Photographer is $600 for the entire duration I am hired. 

Bump, Birth + Newborn packages

What are bump, birth and fresh 48 sessions?

Bump, birth and fresh 48 sessions can be done all together as a package... or you can choose just one or two to document your parenthood journey. 

Bump sessions are individually priced based on location:

Outdoor 1 hour bump session - $400

Indoor 2-3 hour lifestyle bump session $600

Fresh 48 sessions are scheduled by your EDD and adjusted according to when you have the baby. I am typically on call for you during the the time around your due date and will come to the hospital to photograph the baby within the first 48 hours of being born. I love to photograph the baby in the bassinet, with mom and dad and this session can also be scheduled around any sibling meet and greets to capture that adorable moment as well. Fresh 48's are a beautiful time to capture the family together for the first time, baby when they are still so tiny, new to the world and fresh... 

Fresh 48 sessions are $400 

Births are one of the most beautiful things I have ever had the opportunity to document. I love coming to the hospital, getting those detail shots that really help tell the story of the day. The clock, room number, hospital name... etc. I am in the room with you and whomever you choose to have at your side during delivery. I will capture some of your labor story, your new little one entering the world and meeting you and your partner for the first time and some of the beautiful skin to skin snuggles, babies measurements, and first swaddles. 

Birth story timing is always so unpredictable, I am basically on call for your family for the 2-3 weeks leading up to your EDD and for up to 2 weeks after...I will always have a client approved back up photographer ready and available in the instance I have some sort of emergency that keeps me from being able to attend the birth, but thank goodness, knock on wood, I have not had to use any of my backups for any clients so far. We typically keep in contact throughout your last few doctors check ups... or start of contractions... heading to the hospital... and when you are admitted, we wait just a bit until you progress somewhat and then we can start coverage somewhere around 6-8 CM 

Birth stories start at $700 for the first 3 hours of coverage, $100 per hour after

Bump, Birth and Fresh 48 package starts at $1500

Bump, Birth and Newborn lifestyle package starts at $1700 

Prints and enlargements are extra and you will be given a info booklet for ordering