Photography mentoring sessions for the everyday parent.

I am excited to launch the start of personal mentoring sessions for the everyday parent. If you have been wanting to learn how to document your kiddos better with the tools you have in and around your home, I would love to come help! I have been wanting to start these personal mentoring sessions for over a year now and I am so excited it is finally here!

The purpose of these mentoring sessions:

Let’s say you have a nice camera… but no idea how to use it… it’s been sitting in a drawer as you continue to fill up your i phone full of pictures…

Maybe you want to take more candid or indoor photos of your kids but you have no idea how to find the best light or spaces to photograph them.

You are part of a moms group or have a group of people looking for a new activity or lesson…

Or maybe you have a better camera than me, and you have a good idea on how to use it, but you have always wanted to learn manual exposure or you have no idea how to edit in Photoshop , ACR or Lightroom… and you want to take your images to the next level….

You might even already be in business or taking on jobs here or there and just need a little push to feel confident enough to go full time with your photography….

That is the beauty of these sessions! They can become your dream course. The curriculum is literally shaped and molded around whatever you are looking to learn. By offering these sessions, I am hoping to give the everyday parent a way to learn how to document their children better!

Mentoring Sessions will have a few options to get you started:

2 hour photography lesson

Can be taught in home or outdoors and any camera works… In this lesson you will learn to use your camera better and or how to photograph your little subjects better.


3 hour photography and editing lesson

Photography section can be taught in home or outdoors and editing lesson can be done either in your home or in my office

Any camera works, (even I-phone) Must have access to I phone Apps, or computer editing software of your choice… I recommend Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom or Photoshop.


4 hour photography, editing and or mentoring lesson

Mentoring for what you need and want to learn most… You tell me how you want to shape your session. We can work on anything from photography, editing, business, light, working with kids… portfolio review or feedback…etc


2 hour group photography lessons

For groups of 4 or more that would like to advance their skills in documenting children… A moms group activity or possibly a ladies night out event… family members that like to learn together… Whatever the case may be, If you can get a like minded group together you are sure to have a great time learning!

$100 per person

Free with your lesson of choice:

A 30 min. check in and follow up phone call before and after our session.

Documenting children for the everyday parent E-Course – (An online, move at your own pace pdf guide. This E-course covers equipment (camera and lens basics), composition, light and styles of photography to help you learn how to “set up” the shots you want. This course will also include 3 editing videos.

Access to the private “Documenting Children” facebook group as a place to visit, share your photography journey, ask questions and connect with other parents wanting to learn more about documenting their kiddos.

You will also get a 1 year free subscription to “Documenting Children for the everyday parent” tips and tricks email.