Sawyer, outfitting children of the wild.

When I found Sawyer clothing I was in love with their branding and love for the outdoors. With two boys being outside is always their first choice. Playing with sticks, wrestling in dirt, looking for bugs, and fresh air is all they need out there.

I feel blessed we get the opportunity to take these boys to such amazing spaces to play. This was a a quick  trip to Apple Hill. They played hide and seek in the woods, had a sword fight in the apple orchards and  Calvin found an ant farm to study. How fitting is the “Don’t tell my mom” shirt for Archie? Haha. If you do not know Archie, then I can tell you it’s definitely the most fitting saying for this kid. He sure is trouble.

Because Archie is so difficult, and always getting into things… its  so refreshing to take him outside and let him just be. He can dig, pick up rocks, explore, and just be himself. There are no fragile items he can not touch, no doors he shouldn’t open… it’s his place to be free. Its actually one of the easiest ways to take some stress off when he is acting up.

 Tell us about some of your most recent experiences with kids and the outdoors. I would love to add some more amazing places we can explore to our list!

Get outside and explore! There is always fun to be found in the outdoors.

You can find Sawyer clothing at

I cant wait to get the “Child of the Wild” tee, and the “Of the Pride” tee. They are my next two faves.

You can also check out their Instagram@exploresawyer 


Sawyer clothing boy outside playingSawyer clothing boy outside playing with stickSawyer clothing boy outside playingSawyer clothing boy outside playing